the function `color(Red)`

The basic function has more than meets the eye. Essentially it outputs the color you want, taken from the current colorset.

valueThe name of the color
opacitythe amount of opacity from 0 to 1. Default: 1
colorsetSearch for the color in another defined colorset. Default: 'default'

define another colorset

The basic function comes with a default colorset. This colorset can ben changed, extended or overwritten by another colorset. This example shows how to define another colorset.

Set a new custom colorset

A fully new colorset can be set also using the same way, instead of a string (name) for the $default-colorset, you pass a map. Make sure this map has atleast 'Black' and 'White' defined, otherwise the colorset will fall back to the default colorset defined in svd-style

Add custom colors to the default colorset.

Defining a full new colorset is not always the best options, sometimes you just want to add some colors or overwrite existing colors.